Dell for Entrepreneurs Program
The Dell for Entrepreneurs Competitions is now Closed.
Thanks for taking the time to check out what Dell for Entrepreneurs have to offer, but unfortunately the competition is now closed. Stay tuned for future opportunities and announcements!
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By accepting the terms you admit that your company meets the following requirements:

Company launched no earlier than January 2012 
Company must be operating in the Netherlands (Dutch KVK)
Company must have an established business plan and a plan for financial backing
Company must have technology at the heart of their business
At least one Founder is available for the qualification evening (May 19th) and the final (June 3rd).

Furthermore you are aware that your information is submitted to TNW and will be shared with DELL.
Dell for Entrepreneurs
Terms and Conditions, The Netherlands.  *

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A team member of the Dell for Entrepreneurship team will follow up with you soon.
Feel free to invite other befriended Dutch companies to the competition.
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