We're always on the look out for great speakers with amazing tech-related stories to inspire, surprise, delight and educate our audience. If you have just the person in mind for TNW Conference 2018, we'd love to hear from you.
A quick glance at the previous speakers our website should give you a good impression of the types of speakers we look for. We're open to suggestions for any interesting topic related to technology, as long as you stick to our golden rule: no company / self-promotional talks.
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Would you be interested in hosting an Engage session at TNW Conference?

Engage sessions make up the most in-depth section of TNW’s program. They are 45-minute roundtable sessions with 10 seats each, topics aligned with on-stage programming but e.g. more niche or in-depth than we'd have as a keynote. Thought leaders are invited to discuss new insights and best practices with a group of likeminded individuals who are interested in learning more about a specific topic. As a session leader, your task is to decide on the topic in advance, kick off the roundtable with an introduction and lead the conversation from there.
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